Youth Programs

Youth and young adults in our culture occupy a "middle ground" between childhood and adulthood. Our Sunday morning ministry with pre-teens and youth ages 10-18 helps them negotiate that difficult journey to adulthood using a balance of experience, study, and discussion.

Middlers' Club for pre-teens in grades 5 & 6

We recognize the move from elementary to middle school and from childhood to pre-adolescence or "tween"-hood with a program that lifts up the unique concerns and needs of this group. Using a variety of resources, this group explores issues such as relationships and faith, stewardship, handling peer pressure and growing up. Prayer, Bible study and conversation form the basis for each class session.

Rite 13 for youth in grades 7 & 8

Our program for youth approaching the age of 13 deals with issues of self-definition, the role of society, the pressures of sexuality, and the importance of spirituality. These issues are dealt with collectively, and the leaders use a variety of approaches to cover each of the four themes. The Rite 13 program ends with an Urban Adventure, a 2-4 day trip when the group, youth leaders, and other chaperones engage in a physical and spiritual scavenger hunt. It is the intention that the participant will learn about their different gifts and skills during this adventure, and that the group will begin to know one another in different ways before going on the pilgrimage.

The Journey to Adulthood (J2A) for youth in grades 9 & 10

As our teens enter high school, we offer them a program developed to guide youth in the exploration of the themes of society, self, sexuality and spirituality. Unlike the approach used in Rite 13, though, this group spends time focusing on each of the themes in turn, with units lasting approximately 4 months each. This program ends with a pilgrimage, with all active members of the class, their leaders and other adult chaperones setting forth on a physical and spiritual journey. The pilgrimage destination is chosen by the class, and the group engages in fundraising and other work to fund their journey.

Young Adults in the Church for young adults
in grades 11 & 12

Following the pilgrimage experience, our youth return to us transformed. We acknowledge that they have become young adults and that they have begun to change their focus as they enter the end of the high school and prepare for college. In this program, the youth are encouraged to bring their own questions, challenges, and joys to the class for the group to discuss, and the youth leaders function more as mentors. Designed to complement the work done in J2A, the emphasis of this program is not doctrinal instruction, Bible teaching, or information giving, but instead on discovery, wondering and reflection on the lives and learnings of the young adults and their leaders. The young adults are encouraged to develop ministries both in and out of the church, and the group takes part in a mission trip at the end of their two years together.

These programs for youth and young adults in grades 6-12 are offered almost every Sunday in the Youth House from 9:15 am to 10:15 am during the program year (September-May).

For more detailed information about our youth programs, please ask any of the youth leaders for more information.