What's Going On

There is a lot going on at St. B's. If you are looking for what is happening on any given day or to find out if a space is currently available, please consult our calendar.

But there is so much going on at St. B's sometimes that looking at the calendar can be more confusing than helpful. So every week we produce the What's Happening, a detailed look at what is scheduled on our campus and in our neighborhood for that week. It also includes announcements and a brief look at a month's worth of notable upcoming events.

Sometimes it is important to look further than any given week or to reflect back on what has already happened. So, in addition to the weekly What's Happening, we produce The Apostle, our monthly newsletter.

If you are looking for a calendar for specific music events, we also produce a listing of these events separate from others.

Finally, we also maintain a gallery of pictures from recent events.

If you would like to submit an event for our calendar (also to be included in the What's Happening during the week of the event) or an announcement to be placed in the What's Happening, please contact Maggie Caldwell in the Church Office. Please note that all events to be placed on the calendar must be submitted to Maggie and that it is possible that a date and location may appear available on the calendar but is being held for another group.

To submit an article for The Apostle, send an email to Maggie Caldwell. Articles may also be typewritten or handwritten and placed it in Maggie's mailbox outside of the Church Office. All articles must include a contact name and email or phone number. The deadline for each month's edition is the 15th day of the prior month (for example, the deadline for the January Apostle is December 15). Publication of The Apostle is on the last Sunday of the prior month.

Miguel Carmona-Romero can provide information about Christian Formation for Children and Youth.

For more information about music events, please contact Ted Davis.

Pictures you have been taken of St. B's events can be shared via St. B's Flickr page. Contact Kobey DeVale to find out how to share your photos.